Contact and FAQ

Please shout us on if you have any questions!
Here’s some answers to the most common queries we get. Please do give them a read before emailing us. We’re very happy to help you by email, but we’re only a small team of volunteers, and the more you can help us by reading the information below, the easier you’ll make it to help us run things!

How much does it cost to get in to a particular show?
— You are gorgeous.

It costs nothing to get in. Every single show is completely free!

However, at the end of each show we’ll hold out a bucket for donations, and all profits raised goes towards the Grenfell Tower legal fund. You don’t have to donate – but if you do, you’ll be helping to raise money for a very important cause.

How do I get into a show if there’s no tickets?
— We work on a very similar model to the Free Fringe up at the Edinburgh Festival: each show at our festival is non-ticketed, which means you just turn up, queue up, and watch the show.

However, it’s important for you to understand that there are legal limits on the number of people that are allowed in each room, so you are not guaranteed entry to any show. Please get there early if there is a show that you want to see.

The Main Room has an extra rule: once you’re inside, you are welcome to stay in the room for the next show. You do not have to leave and queue again. We’ve found this is much, much easier than getting 150 people out of a room, and then back into a room again!

Can I bring children to any of the shows?
— Sadly not, all shows are strictly 18+ only.

Can I reserve seats for a certain show?
— No, all shows are non-ticketed and non-reserved.

How early should I get there to see a particular show, if I want to make sure I get in?
— I’m afraid we can’t answer that – our festival gets VERY busy, and people do arrive early for the shows that are especially popular.

For shows in the Speakeasy and Alternative, we generally recommend getting there 20 minutes before show time – but we must stress that these times are purely guidelines, and do not guarantee that you’ll get in.

For shows in the main room, the audience from the previous show are welcome to stay, so not everyone who queues up will be able to get in. People have been known to queue up for an hour before show time. Again, we only mention this to give you guidelines – we absolutely do not guarantee that you’ll get in to any show.

However, if you don’t get into one show, there’s always another fun thing starting in less than 20 minutes time!

How do I apply to perform at next year’s Balham Free Fringe?
— Applications are now closed for 2017. Next year (that’s 2018, friend!), if you’re doing a show in Edinburgh with the PBH Free Fringe, you will receive an application to take part. However, if by the end of March 2018 you haven’t heard from us, please feel free to email us to ask what’s happening.