Contact and FAQ

Please do contact us on if you have any questions. Hopefully the info below will answer most things.

How do I get tickets for a particular performance?

— All shows are non-ticketed, first come first served. The Main Room seats 100 people, the Alternative Room seats 50, and the Speakeasy seats 40, so if there’s a show you’re keen to get into then get there early to be sure of getting a seat! There is additionally some standing room in each venue, but there are strict legal limits on the number of people we’re allowed in each room, so you may be refused entry even if there is technically room for you to stand.

How much does it cost to get in?
— You are gorgeous. It costs nothing to get in. Every single show is completely free. At the end we’ll hold out a bucket for donations, and all profits raised goes towards PBH’s Free Fringe organisation, but you’re under no obligation to donate at all. We just want you there so we can try our new shows on a lovely audience!

Can I bring children to any of the shows?
— Sadly not, all shows are strictly 18+ only.

What is PBH’s Free Fringe?
— It’s the organisation that the mighty Peter Buckley Hill started almost a billion (20) years ago, which allows performers in Edinburgh to not go bankrupt! Not many people know that a lot of comedians actually have to pay to perform in Edinburgh, and often end up losing thousands of pounds!! The PBH Free Fringe fixes that, and gives comedians a free room, in exchange for letting the audience in for free.

The PBH Free Fringe is fully volunteer-led, and no-one gets paid, but it still costs about £30,000 to run. This weekend we aim to raise as much money as we can to help cover the costs of this wonderful organisation.

How do I apply to perform at next year’s Balham Free Fringe?
— I’m afraid that Chris Coltrane (the mighty comedian who books and hosts the entire festival, and who definitely isn’t typing this sentence with his strong, muscular hands) tends to hand-pick the lineups each year, so there is no application process to apply. Apologies for that.